Best General Book Blog?!?

Yesterday I found out that I have some of the most amazing readers of any book blogger on the planet.  “Why are we the best?” you may be asking.  Well, because enough of you nominated me for “Best General Book Blog” as a part of Book Blogger Appreciation Week that, even though over 100 blogs were nominated.

Amazing.  I am really very, very honored.  Thank you all so much!

As everyone says at the Oscars every year, it is an honor just to be nominated (you know, I never believe that until now).  There are a lot of my favorite blogs nominated in a lot of different categories.  You can see who they are and what they are nominated for at Amy’s Finalists post.

However, this little contest doesn’t end with the nominations.  There’s a whole other round….


If my blog is one you enjoy, go and

for me (click the ‘vote’ button to actually get there)

I am actually also nominated for most altruistic blog, but if you are tempted to vote for me there, please vote for Maw Books instead.  I am only being considered for this award because I agree with the things she advocates and write supportive posts for them and agree to donate some of my own money.

Seriously though, whether you vote for me or not, please head over to Amy’s voting booth if you appreciate your friendly neighborhood book bloggers.  Remember…

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