!!!!!!!!!!!!!!100th Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This contest is now closed.

It is official!  “The River, By Moonlight,” was the 100th review I have published on my blog!


To celebrate, I want to share with some of my loyal readers some of the wonderful books I have read since starting this blog.

Before I show you all of the books you can win, here are the rules:

  • There will be anywhere between one and five winners a total of six seven eight winners, depending on the number of entrants.  I will give away one prize up to the first 20 people who enter (separate people, not the number of entries).  Two prizes for up to 30, three for up to 40, four for up to 50, five for anything over 50.  I am adding an extra book for every additional 25 entrants.  We just hit 75 100 125, so now there are 16 17 18 books available to 6 7 8 people (two three four will get one book each). So, get other people to enter, it will actually increase your chances.
  • First place prize will be a grab-bag of 5 books, second prize 4, third prize 3, fourth prize 2, fifth, and sixth, and seventh, and eighth prize 1 book.
  • To enter: Leave a message ON THIS POST ONLY telling me your top two picks from the list (I will try to give all winners at least one of their choices, but no promises).
  • For additional entries: Blog about this contest for an extra 3 chances to win.  If you don’t have a blog, send an email to 5 people about this contest and blind copy me at devourers.books(at)gmail.com for those same three extra chances.
  • For MORE additional entries: Every comment left on a book review or a banned book spotlight post AFTER you enter here, you will get another entry.
  • Shipping: I will ship these books internationally, but I can only ship in the international flat rate package.  I may have to send you either fewer books or thinner books, but I will send you as much as I can.
  • This contest will close Wednesday, October 15th.
Okay, okay, enough of the rules!  I’m sure at this point you want to know what you can win!  Five of these books are hardback, I would love to send one to each winner, because (with the exception of The Other Queen), these are all books that I had to go to Half Price Books and buy for this contest, because I was absolutely not willing to give them up.  Please click on the book titles to read reviews.  “The best Place to Be” and “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society” do not have reviews posted yet.
Due to a much larger response than I expected (75 entrants in little more than 48 hours), I am adding another book to the pile, which means there will now be six winners, two of whom will each be getting one book.  The new book I’m adding is this one (click on the cover for my review):
If we make it to 100 entrants, I will find yet another book to add and add one more 5th place winner.
Okay, so we made 100 24 hours later.  Here’s the next title:
We have finally reached 125 people entering, so here’s the next title:
If another 25 people enter, I’ll have to figure something else out!

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