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LibraryThing authors. Who are your LibraryThing authors? What books of theirs do you have? Do you ever comment on an author’s LT page? Have you received any comments from an author on your LT account?

First, some background for those are unaware. One of the things that makes LibraryThing so awesome is that there are AUTHORS on there. And they participate! One really cool thing LibraryThing has started doing is an Author Chat, but that is a post for another day. What this question is specifically asking about is which authors are on LibraryThing that have also written books I own. If you go to my LT profile, you will see a green box that says “Member Connections” on the right side of the page. The third category in there is “LibraryThing Authors.” Because I currently have my wishlist mixed in with other books, I don’t actually have books by some of these authors, but I WANT to have them.

Here’s who I’ve got:

Authors whose books I’ve read

Dave Boling – Author of “Guernica” which I just finished reading yesterday. It was fantastic, by the way, and I’m planning on putting up my review on Friday.

David Ebershoff – Author of “The 19th Wife.” I LOVED “The 19th Wife.” You can see my review here.

Emmett James – Author of “Admit One.” Lots of people loved “Admit One,” unfortunately I was not one of them. My review is here.

Doreen Orion – Author of “Queen of the Road.”  I was really surprised how much I enjoyed Doreen’s book.  You can read my review here.

Penelope Przekop – Author of “Aberrations.”  I originally reviewed this for ReaderViews.  My review is here.

J. Scott Savage – Author of the “Far World” series.  I recently read the first book in this series and LOVED it.  My review will be posted here tomorrow.

Janine Turner – Author of “Holding Her Head High,” the first LibraryThing Early Reviewer book I received.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t that crazy about it, you can read why here.

Authors whose books I own

Meg Waite Clayton – Author of “The Wednesday Sisters.” I’ve heard really fantastic things about “The Wednesday Sisters,” but I just haven’t been able to get to it yet, with all the books I have to review.

Libby Cone – Author of “War on the Margins.” I will hopefully get to “War on the Margins” in the next month or two, as Libby sent it to me to review.

Karen Harrington – Author of “Janeology.” I have been hearing about “Janeology” for some time now and Karen sent me her book after I interacted with her in her LibraryThing author chat. I’m planning to review it sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Susan Higginbotham – Author of “The Traitor’s Wife.” I don’t actually have this book in my possession yet, but I’m counting it on my ‘owned’ list because it is supposedly in the mail from someone on BookMooch. Susan was added to my wishlist initially because of discussion about her book on LibraryThing.

Authors whose books are on my wishlist

Sandra Gullen – Author of “The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B,” about Josephine Bonaparte. I added this book to my wishlist after hearing good things about it from other LibraryThingers.

Hilary Jordan – Author of “Mudbound.” NPR and LibraryThing have conspired together to make “Mudbound” a book I am dying to read.

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  • I’ve got The Wednesday Sisters, Guernica and Aberrations on my wish list.

  • I loved Sandra Gulland’s Josephine trilogy! I hope you do too, when you manage to get ahold of it. The Traitor’s Wife and Mudbound are on my wishlist, although even if I bought them who knows when I’d get to them!

  • We have Dave Boling and Penelope Przekop in common, and Janeology is on my wishlist. I won The Wednesday Sisters on a blog contest, so I’ll have Meg Waite Clayton on my LT Author’s list when it gets here. I also think Mudbound sounds like a really intriguing book.

    I’ve not really participated much with the author chat on LT, and I’ve ever only participated on an online author chat at B&N’s Center Stage when they had Janet Evanovich on. I do agree with you that the LT Author feature is a great way for us to rub virtual elbows with the writers, and vice versa.

  • I was surprised at how many authors ended up on my list. While I own books by all the authors on my list, I haven’t read them all. Yet. :-)

  • We have Doreen Orion in common…I didn’t really like the book, but I’d be interested in having a conversation with her. I get the feeling that she might not be as flaky as she painted herself to be.

  • Rebecca – I think she was actually being hard on herself at the beginning of the book, because she seemed much less flaky at the end. But I agree, I think she’d be fun to converse with!

  • I think you have the most authors I’ve seen today! (I’m making my way through). I have only 3 … must read MORE apparently!

  • fyrefly

    I got Mudbound from the library, based almost exclusively on the list from NPR that you posted a while back, and I have to say, I think you’re going to love it. :)

  • Not surprisingly, we share a lot of LT Authors. :) As much as I liked Admit One, I was very disappointed with Emmett James’ LT profile. BORING!!! As you wondered why he wrote his book, I wonder why he bothered creating a profile. :)

  • We have the authors of the books you’ve read in common, with the exception of Turner and Ebershoff. And I agree that more and more authors keep joining, because my list used to be a lot shorter!