TSS: Reading Machine and Another Promised Picture

I have been freaking out a bit about the number of ARCs I have that are being released between now and September 3rd.  In response, I have been an absolute reading MACHINE this week!  I finished the book I was reading last Sunday, “Stealing Athena” before I went to bed Sunday night, so here’s what I’ve read since then:

Far World: Water Keep by J. Scott Savage

One More Year: Stories by Sana Krasikov (see my review)

Sweetsmoke by David Fuller

First Daughter by Eric Van Lustbader

I’ve also started Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi. 

I think this is all pretty good, since I didn’t get a lot of reading done yesterday as I was too busy walking 20 miles around Lake Geneva in Wisconsin.

I’m hoping to get a good deal of the way through “Zoe’s Tale” this afternoon so I can start on “Creepers” and “Matrimony” soon.

We can’t seem to find any of the pictures of me reading in the limo, but we did find one of me reading in the church before the ceremony:

Check out my Far World contest!  The book was awesome and I’d love to pass a copy on to one of you!
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  • I have the same problem as you with the number of ARCs. Fortunately, I still have extra time before school starts, although a grad course will interrupt that for a week. I love the picture. Is that you in the wedding gown? LOL How did you like Sweetsmoke? I reviewed it this week and had email conversations with David Fuller. What a surprise.

  • Great photo!!! Ok, tell the truth– did you carry the book to the altar with you in case there was a delay? One of those bibliomergencies?

  • The photo tells the story, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing it. :)

  • So, did you finish the book before the ceremony? It looks like you only had a few pages to go….surely they would have waited for you and let you finish.

  • unfinishedperson

    My God, you are a reading machine, aren’t you? :)

  • I’m in the middle of Stealing Athena right now, and so far, liking it. What did you think of it?

  • That’s such a beautiful picture. I love the color of your wedding dress, and I ditto Terri-teelgee’s question: did you take book with you to the altar?

  • What a beautiful walk that must have been! I sometimes wish I could move closer to my cousin who lives by a lake so I could go on daily walks with my dog around it.

  • LOL! I feel sure if I ever do get married I will definitely be reading in my wedding dress.

  • Lisa

    What great photos! I love the one of you reading! Good luck with your ARC pile!

  • What a wonderful photo!

  • Wow. That’s a great picture. If my wedding day had been a little more relaxed (you can read about it at my other blog (http://tinyurl.com/5ml8ug), I like to think I would’ve had a book with me, too!

    As it was, we barely made it to the wedding on time. (And we drove over 30 hours almost without rest to get there.) I did get to spend quite a bit of time on our honeymoon reading. (Honeymoon=1 month road trip.)

    Still, I’m a bit jealous of your bridal reading moment… and I really wish I had a picture like that from my wedding day.


  • Rebecca @ Readerville

    Again, I’m so jealous that you have pictures of yourself reading on your wedding day! I wish I’d thought to do that. I’ve just started Matrimony , and at the 50-page mark am feeling like it will be good but not great. I’ll keep you posted and will look forward to your reaction as well.

  • fyrefly

    I did the Lake Geneva hike in 8th grade as part of our junior high’s “Outdoor Education” program… I remember it being a) gorgeous, b) full of giant houses, and c) a very stupid idea to do in a pair of Keds.

  • What a beautiful dress, Jen! I love that picture so much.

    I can’t wait to read your review of Sweetsmoke. I hope that you liked it as much as I did.

    I feel like I’m drowning somewhat under the weight of my ARCs. I’ve really started to get picky about what I accept and that’s helpful. I’m also going to read at least one book a month from my bookshelves or at least something I’ve bought or been given as a gift. I’m hoping that will lighten the load.

  • Wisteria – Yes, that’s me, about a month ago! I LOVED Sweetsmoke, my review will be up later this week (probably Friday?)

    Terri and Narineh – Well, they were pretty much all waiting on me, so I decided to take the chance that, once I got down there, there wouldn’t any bibliomergencies. Plus I just couldn’t figure out how to hold a book AND my bouquet AND Brian’s hand all at the same time.

    Unfinished Person – Yes, yes I am

    Debnance – Unfortunately I didn’t. I was really hoping I would, so I didn’t have to take it on the honeymoon with me. I even considered trying to finish it on the wedding night so I could send it home with the bag my parents were coming to pick up from the hotel (I hate taking books I’m almost done with on vacation), but that idea was vetoed.

    Carrie K. – I thought Stealing Athena was good, not great. My review is here.

    To everyone else, thanks for the fantastic comments. And, by the way, the Lake Geneva walk WAS beautiful, even if it got a little brutal towards the 20th mile!

  • I wish authors would send ARCs. As I live in India, it gets tough!

    I love your photo.

    Here is my SS post

  • What an awesome picture! Good luck with your ARC pile.

    ~ Popin

  • Looking back at my own wedding day, I have no idea how you managed to find any time to read. Amazing!

  • Ah that photo of you reading is great! :)

  • Remember how I think you have a sickness…. this might be all the proof I need to commit you to some sort of 12-step program! 😀

  • Great picture! You looked beautiful! :)