TSS #2: The Necklace Giveaway and non-ARC Reading

Earlier this month I received in the mail an Advanced Reader’s Copy of a book called “The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment that Transformed Their Lives.”  I remembered having seen an ad for this book in Shelf Awareness, but I had no recollection of requesting it.  “Oh well,” I thought, “it could very well be interesting.  I should at least add it to the list.”  So I did.  And on Friday, its number came up.  It is being released on September 9th, so I thought it was time to read it.

So I started the book.  The premise is that 13 women in their 50s and 60s each put in about $1200 to buy the 15+ carat necklace pictured on the cover.  And evidently it changes their lives.  This is so not my kind of book it isn’t even funny.  It is a little chick-lit-y (although it is a memoir, I guess) which is not really to my taste.  Plus, I can’t find that I really relate to any of these women, perhaps partly because they’re twice my age, and partly because they have an extra grand lying around with which to buy a diamond necklace.  Although I think the biggest problem is that it is just not. my. kind. of. book. – which is why I didn’t request it (I checked, no outgoing email, I guess Random House just thought I might like it, they were sending me a ton of other stuff at the time anyway).  The first 50 pages or so were very well written, I just wasn’t interested – although I think some of you might be.

Since this is an ARC and I won’t be reading it, I would like to find someone who would like to read it.  Tell me why you would like the book and I’ll either pick the best/most compelling reason or just use a list randomizer, depending on how I feel.  All I ask is that you agree to read and review this book sometime in the next few months, because that is what it is out for.  I will choose my winner right before I leave work Wednesday afternoon (September 3rd at 5 p.m. Central Time) so I can get the book out by Friday.  U.S. only in this case, please.  I usually open my contests up worldwide, but I want to get this book sent and received A.S.A.P. since Random House did send it out as an Advance Copy for a review.

In other news, I am actually reading a non-review book right now!  Actually I’m reading two books, and ONE of them is not a review book.  I find that I sometimes have difficulty picking a new book after something I’m just ‘eh’ about or after abandoning a book.  Nothing on my review list seemed to fit my mood, so I decided on something relatively mindless:

Yes, that is correct, I have crawled out from under my rock and am FINALLY reading some Stephanie Meyer.  I figured that something written for teens would be fun and engaging and a good mental break – especially as the other book I’m currently reading is one of Shakespeare’s history plays: Henry VI, Part II!  I have heard over and over how whiny and smitten and annoying Bella gets after falling in love with Edward, and it is entirely possible I’ll want to kill her, but Meyer’s writing definitely fits the bill for fun and engaging so far.  Since I’m engaged in a direct comparison I can say with confidence that ‘Shakespeare it ain’t!’ but I think it is a good choice right now.  Plus, I have to see what all the hype, both postitive and negative, is about.

The real news here, though, is that after reading nothing but ARCs and books sent to me for review for 2.5 months, I have actually chosen something from my ever-growing TBR pile.  It is a miracle!

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  • Amy

    I still need to read twilight as well. I as so tempted to pick a non-review book this weekend, but then I realized I just absolutely can’t.

    Maybe Christmas break?

  • I am actually writing my review of The Necklace this weekend. It was actually pretty interesting – the women are about as diverse as you can get, considering they do have an extra grand lying around. But the process the group goes through to decide on their rules, the differing reasons that women had for wanting the necklace, the various ways they used it to raise money – all pretty interesting. I hope you find someone to take it on – it’s a quick read and worth the effort, I think.

  • I don’t think I would care for The Necklace either. I’m sure there are book lovers out there that it will appeal too.

    Btw, I nominated you for an award on my blog.

  • fyrefly

    Since I’m engaged in a direct comparison I can say with confidence that ‘Shakespeare it ain’t!’ but I think it is a good choice right now.

    Ah, but then you get to New Moon, and Meyer spends the entire time trying to convince you that Bella and Edward are like Romeo and Juliet. “Really! I swear! It’s Shakespearean!” But, yeah, Henry VI it definitely ain’t. :)

  • In August I managed to read Twilight and New Moon. Twilight may not end up being your cup of tea but it’s good news that you’re reading something not on your TBR Pile.

  • Ti

    I’ll tell you why I’d like to read The Necklace.. I have been involved in many, many group ventures with women and I have to tell you, there is always such DRAMA where women friends are concerned. I mean, we are not 20 somethings anymore and we should know better, but we are always drawn to the drama of women friendships. I’d be interested in seeing how this works for this group of women. It’s an interesting idea if it works.

  • hehe.. i am nearly done with Twilight right now.
    had never heard of Meyers until the last couple months, so whatever rock you were under, you would likely have found me a little bit below you :)



    Please include me in your giveaway

    i have heard many times that nothing can make a woman feel more feminine than a string of pearls. i have never believed that, but i am sure that at least one of the 13 women feels the same about diamonds.

    I dont have a good reason for wanting to read the necklace except that it sounds incredibly fascinating.

  • I would LOVE to read the Necklace! It sounds really interesting to me. I tend to love the chic-lit type books, and love to learn about characters and how they tranform throughout the story. Please consider me for this book!!!

    I do tend to put on a nice necklace when I want to feel special, although mine is a nice strand of graduated pearls from my grandmother (preffered) or the small diamond pendent from my hubby. I tend to wear the diamond (very small 😉 ) for day-to-day, and the pearls for special occasions because they have a family history.

    I’ve recently started reviewing books on my blog and would love to read/review this one: http://wendisbookcorner.blogspot.com

    (PS – if you have any suggestions on my blog – please teach me!!)

    Thanks, Wendi

  • Tammy

    I actually would be interested in reading this, while I do not have an extra grand lying around to purchase a necklace, there are days I imagine that would be fun to do. To step into someone’s life for a few pages, and live vicariously through them, is what reading to me is all about!

  • I read “Twilight”, as well as “New Moon”, and “Eclipse”, all in August… and that was after I was convinced by some friends that, even if I didn’t like “vampire” books, I’d still like this series. Sure enough, I LOVED the books (aside from book 2, which was good, but a little dull in comparison). Anyway. Just yesterday I finished book 4, “Breaking Dawn”. So, yeah — the series was awesome!

    Hope you like “Twilight”! 😉

  • I’ll be interested to read Ti’s review and see what she thought of *The Necklace*. I posted my review this morning; I didn’t love it, but I stuck through until the last page. I liked the concept of what the women were doing (when they pulled together to use it to raise money for local causes), but didn’t like the author’s style – too much emphasis on the physical appearance and indulgences of the women.

  • Shirley Pettaway

    I would love to read this book, I am the same age as these women. However I was interested before I knew how old they were. I am always curious about people doing the same thing but feeling differently about it.

    I think that even though all of us “intellectuals” want to be totally unaffected by material things, some accessories make you feel good. Sometimes a very expensive accessory is the springboard for all kinds of things. After all most action is driven by your state of mind.

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