The Sunday Salon: ARCs, TBRs, and the week in review

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Some time ago I joined my first challenge, the ARC Reading Challenge from So Many Precious Books, So Little Time.  I listed the following ARCs as books I was going to read:

 Technically this challenge goes until September 21st.  I’m currently reading 3 ARCs, and will pretty much be reading ARCs and review books all month (note: I didn’t include regular books for review in my list, just things that were actually Advance Reader’s Copies). 


Speaking of ARCs, review copies, and other TBRs, a couple weeks ago I took ALL my TBRs off of the shelf to take a picture with them for The Literate Houseswife’s now-closed TBR photo contest.  Although my TBR list has changed slightly since taking this picture (a few books have come off, more have been added), this will give you a good idea of my overflowing shelf:

The ones forming the pile itself are just the books I have purchased to read, all of the books standing up are ARCs and review copies that i need to get to. 

This week I didn’t get very far in my reading, partly because it was a busy week, and partly because one of the books I am reading is pretty slow going.  I’m hoping to have time today to finish at least one book.  One pretty exciting thing did happen, however, Shelf Awareness featured my blog and Natasha of Maw Books’ blog.  You can see my post about it here.


7 comments to The Sunday Salon: ARCs, TBRs, and the week in review

  • *laughing* Your TBR shelf and ARC list looks a lot like mine!

  • That picture is fantastic. Maybe if I piled up all my books in front of my door I would just stay home and read them all :)

    Looking forward to your review of American Wife.

  • Yeah….that’s about what mine would look like if I let them pile up like that.
    I have them in lots of small piles. That way it doesn’t look so bad. I did a review on The Glimmer Palace last week. I know that the author is looking at the sites. She posted mine on her website. Have a super week.

  • I meant to say I reviewed The Heretic’s Daughter and Kathleen Kent was looking. I am so tired…sorry.

  • I hate it when I’m reading something that just seems to stall. I’ve got two books like that right now. I have to finish them for reviews, but otherwise I would give up on both of them.

    I need to get my review of The Heretic’s Daughter up as well. I LOVED it. Those are the hardest reviews for me to write, I always feel like I can’t do the book justice. It’s much easier to point out things that I don’t like than to really put my finger on the things that I do.

  • Wow, you really went to town on your ARC’s! Way to Go! I added you in the challenge update. I put you as completed, but would be glad to keep adding links to more ARCs as you complete them. I think I will host the challenge again. I’m thinking starting around October 21st because I’m going to be busy with the Vancouver International Film Festival until then. International film is my other addiction.

  • I love that picture! I have little and big piles everywhere!