Sunday Salon – The Promised Picture

Since all of you Saloners were clamoring last week for one of the pictures of me reading on my wedding day, here you go:

Here I am, around noon on the wedding day.  I had just gone and gotten my hair done.  At this point I was waiting for my bridesmaids who were doing their hair, so we could go to my mother-in-law’s house and eat lunch, do our makeup, and get dressed. 

Unfortunately I don’t yet have the pictures of me sitting in the limo, in my wedding dress, reading as we are waiting.  Those pictures were taken by the professional photographer, and it will probably be at least another week before we get any of those pictures.


About my reading this week….

I’ve mostly been working all week on Superdove and Stealing Athena.  The former I finished yesterday, the latter I’m close to finishing.  Both reviews should be up soon, hopefully this week.  Look tomorrow for my post about my Scarlet Pimpernel/Lauren Willig theme read. 

Have you checked out my Queen of the Road contest?  It is open until Friday!

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20 comments to Sunday Salon – The Promised Picture

  • LOVE IT. Thanks for posting it. You’re younger than I imagined (at least you look younger!) Now I really want to see the one in the limo, that sounds hilarious.

    Happy Sunday Jen!

  • Simply beautiful! What a wonderful picture. Not only do you look beautiful, it says something wonderful about your marriage that you were calm enough to patiently read a book (which doesn’t sound like it was an easy read at all). You knew you were doing the right thing. :) I can’t wait for the full effect, but this is just great. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Linda

    Jill has a picture of you reading in the limo! You’ll have to get it from her.

  • You look GORGEOUS! Reading seems like the perfect way to ease those pre-wedding jitters.

  • Just in case you haven’t heard this enough… You are absolutely beautiful and your husband is very lucky 😀

  • unfinishedperson

    Wow. I didn’t have time to read before my own wedding…or was that just a staged photo for the sake of The Sunday Salon?

    As for the review of the book, the ‘eh’ makes me think I might hold off on this one. :)

  • What’s wrong with reading on your wedding day? hehe I love it…and like others before me…You are beautiful and I look forward to the pic of you reading in your wedding dress!

  • What a cute picture! I love your hair, and you are very pretty. =) Looking forward to the limo pic, and your review of The Scarlet Pimpernel/Pink Carnation books!

  • Have you considering sending a note with the picture to Kira Salak? Assuming a favorable review of the book, that is …

    Best wishes!

  • To echo the others, you look beautiful! I can’t imagine anything more relaxing for wedding-day stresses than reading (haven’t gotten married yet myself, but I did read in the car on the way to and from my friend’s wedding two years ago, and I thought it was a nice way to unwind from all the stress of the day).

  • Rebecca @ Readerville

    Oh, I’m jealous! I wish I had a picture of me reading on my wedding day back in January…I do have photos that show the mini-Mt. TBRs on the bedside tables in our honeymoon suite, though, so I suppose that’s good enough.

    Congrats again–you look gorgeous!

  • tracy

    Lovely picture. You’re a doll! I agree with Dawn, send it to the author if you liked her book!

  • I knew something was missing was my wedding! My Sunday Salon Post

  • Aww, you look so calm and peaceful in that picture! I’m glad you had such a relaxed wedding!

  • HA, great photo (although I can’t wait to see a wedding dress one)!

  • That pic probably says a lot about you. I love it!! I wish I had had the energy to do anything like reading on my wedding day four years ago. I was so sick and on five different meds it was a miracle that I made it through that whole week!
    Thanks for sharing this day in your life with us and thanks for stopping by Planet Books!!

  • What a dedicated reader! To take the time to read on your wedding day. I was far too nervous to even think about picking up a book much less remembering to bring one with me in the limo. You must have been extremely relaxed and confident. Congratulations!

  • Eva

    If I ever have a wedding day, there will definitely be reading involved. 😀 What a cute pic!