Sunday Salon: Reading Machine Redux (Part 2)

This has been a busy, busy book week here at Devourer of Books.  I both read and reviewed quite a few books this week, as well as passing on some book-related news and giveaways.  Here’s a recap:

First, the book news and giveaways:

  • Natasha at MawBooks reviewed “Monique and the Mango Rains” this week and is offering to donate one dollar to the clinic Monique and Chris worked at for each comment to her post.  I am doubling the donation for anyone that also leaves a message on my post about it here.  Read my review of “Monique and the Mango Rains,” or go straight to Natasha’s post here
  • My contest ended for “Queen of the Road,” after I received a bunch of really interesting submissions.  I hope some of you get a chance to take your dream trips.  Read my review of “Queen of the Road” here.
  • I finished “Far World: Water Keep” the absolutely fantastic first book in the new young adult series “Far World” sometime before last Sunday, and I am having a contest to one lucky reader to win a personalized, signed ARC.  This could be the next Harry Potter-like phenomenon, so you are going to want this ARC.  The contest requires a bit of creativity, but I’m sure you saloners are up to it!
  • “One More Year” and “Superdove” were both released this week.  Read my review of “One More Year” or buy it on AmazonRead my review of “Superdove” or buy it on Amazon.

My reviews for this week (click on the cover for the review):

My reading this week:

 Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi 

American Savior by Roland Merullo

Creepers by Joanne Dahme

Matrimony by Joshua Henkin

The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti

The Hunt for the Seventh by Christine Morton Shaw


Before anyone gets too excited, two of these books were relatively short (200, 250 pages) young adult books, so those went very quickly.  Plus, I had a nice commute to work on the train on Friday and a drive to Indianapolis (I was in the passenger seat) to work on “The Good Thief”.   Still, I’m pretty happy with the way my reading went this week.  I liked some of the books better than others, but there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.

6 comments to Sunday Salon: Reading Machine Redux (Part 2)

  • You have been a very busy reader this past week. I finished Far World last week and now that my review is written (it will be posted the final week of this month), I can finally get around to reading the other great reviews of the book out there already. I enjoyed it quite a bit too.

    I hope to get to First Daughter this week. That’s the plan anyway. My reading has slowed down because I’ve chosen the Olympic Games during my down time. And now that work is picking up again, there aren’t as many moments to sneak in a little reading. I’ll find a way though. I always do. :-)

    Have a great week and happy reading!

  • Some great books there. Interesting post. You did great reading..:D

    Do check out my Sunday Salon posts 😀

    SS 1: Review of The Dark Child

    SS 2: Musings about books

  • Wow! That is an amazing number of books read, YA or not!

  • I’m seriously impressed! I only managed to finish one book this week and get halfway through another. Well done!

  • I hope you enjoy Matrimony as much as I did…as a newlywed who met my husband in college, I really related to it and thought his writing was very honest and unaffected.

  • I like how you’re using the book cover as the link. I might have to steal that idea. :) Of course, you would have had to actually written the review on time for the Sunday Salon to do that… 😉

    Uh, you weren’t joking when you named yourself Devourer of Books! :) 200 may not be terribly long, but it’s not short, either. I can’t believe that you finished Matrimony in the same week as American Savior and The Good Thief. I enjoyed Matrimony, but it wasn’t a quick read for me.