Near-Miss Bibliomergency

Over the weekend I finished both books I was reading:

Now, clearly this is not a problem.  I have something like 27 books on my shelf awaiting review, not to mention the rest of my TBRs (I actually have a picture of all of these, but I’ll have to show that later, because I entered it into the Literate Housewife’s contest).  Because my books to review are all in order of importance (aka, when they’re being released, how long I have had them, and whether or not they are directly from the author), it was a no-brainer that the next book I would start would be Farworld: Water Keep.

I’ve had this book for awhile but am part of a blog tour at the month, so I’ve been putting it off until now, even though I have really wanted to read it for awhile.  As far as the first few pages go I’m very impressed.  It definitely has a Harry Potter-type feel to it, just in the way that Savage builds curiosity and anticipation.

When I was getting ready to go to work, I couldn’t find Farworld.  I looked, and I looked, and finally located it and, I though, put it in my purse.  In fact, I also thought that I put Stealing Athena and Superdove in my purse so that I could refer back to them if I wanted to think about my reviews.  When I got to work, however, I discovered that the only books in my purse were the ones I ran back inside for that I need to mail out from BookMooch, and the book Brian’s sister had borrowed and returned to me last night.  Panic!

Luckily, the steady stream of books arriving that has my slightly overwhelmed has saved me.  My favorite mailman Irving hasn’t even shown up today yet and I’ve already received two books: Resistance and Coming Unglued (Sisters, INK), one that came in the mail over the weekend and the other from the DHL man.

Now my only issue is deciding which to read at lunch: the one that is being released at the beginning of September but is heavy and might keep me from reading a couple of books coming out next Tuesday by their release date, or the lighter, fluffier one that I wasn’t intending to read until after all the ARC releases this month…

6 comments to Near-Miss Bibliomergency

  • After I technically went on lunch, but before I got too far away my mailman came bearing MORE books, including my July ER book, so I figured I should probably start that one. From what I hear it is fairly involved too, but it is shorter than the other and fiction.

  • fyrefly

    Eh, read the fluffy one, it’ll take less time and be closer to keeping you on schedule. Plus, brain fluff sounds like an okay idea to me at the moment. :)

  • You must be loving the mailman! :) I am putting the pictures I’ve received into the post and am creating the voting poll. This is going to be fun.

  • I’m just about to start Farworld too, I’m guessing you’re supposed to post in early August like me :)

  • I’m actually in late August, but I have so many books that have to be read by late August that I REALLY wanted to make sure I had this one done. Especially since I need time to write questions and get the author’s response to them.

  • I signed up for the Resistance book too and hope it is sitting for me at home when I get back from the lake.