Hot off the Presses – New Book Releases

Today three books that I have reviewed over the past few months are being released: two that I really loved, and one that I thought was okay.

First up, “The Gargoyle.” The story is funny, sweet, touching, and unpredictable. I absolutely recommend it, although I do want to warn readers of graphic imagery and language. I have probably gotten more traffic to my blog from people looking for reviews and information about this book than for any other reason.

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Next, “The 19th Wife.” “The 19th Wife” is a multi-time period story dealing with the legacy of polygamy in Mormonism and Morman fundamentalism. The main characters are Jordan Scott – a young man kicked out at 14 years old of a polygamous community in Utah calling itself “First Latter Day Saints” for holding his stepsister’s hand – and Eliza Ann Young, the 19th wife of Brigham Young turned moral crusader against polygamy.

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Lastly, “The White Mary.”  “The White Mary” is the story of journalist Marika Vecera and her quest to find war correspondent Robert Lewis in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

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