Giveaway – Far World: Water Keep (Far World, Book 1)

Way back in the day when nobody but LibraryThing trusted me with gratis books to review here, I found a post on another blog, I believe it was the fantastic Ticket to Anywhere, although I’m not positive. This post said that there was an author out there who WANTED to send books to any and all bloggers, up to 200 of them, and would even let them run a contest to give away another book. I was still pretty new to this all, so I jumped at the chance.

Boy, am I ever glad that I did, because it introduced me to J. Scott Savage and Farworld. I don’t want to say too much and spoil my own review (Tuesday, August 27th), so suffice as to say that I really enjoyed it. Here’s what the book looks like:

Pretty cool, huh? Well, the book is pretty cool. Do you know what is even cooler? The fact that Mr. Savage and I want give give one of you a copy!

Here’s how to enter:

Between now and Wednesday, August 20th write a catchy beginning to a book. It can be fantasy, regular fiction, children’s lit, chick lit, heck, even nonfiction. Write me a sentence or a paragraph, whatever you think will catch my eye. I will send ALL of your submissions to J. Scott Savage when I do my Q&A with him and will let him pick the one he likes best. That lucky person will win a book, individually autographed by the author. The winner will be announced with my Q&A on August 28th.

On Thursday, August 21st I will post all of the submissions here on my blog and allow for voting. The person who receives the most votes here, whether or not they are the winner picked by J. Scott Savage, will win a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

Note: submissions can be left in the comments here or sent to devourers.books (at) gmail (dot) com

14 comments to Giveaway – Far World: Water Keep (Far World, Book 1)

  • Wow, a very creative take on the giveaway! What a fun contest!! We’ll have so much fun reading all the submissions.

  • i have emailed my contribution entry :)
    please keep an eye out for mail from discordspuppet

  • My entry: “Confessions of a Professional Wedding Guest” (“creative nonfiction”)

    I have decided that I will write a book. “Confessions of a Professional Wedding Guest: Living the single life when all your friends are getting married.” I think it will be a bestseller.

    The occasion for this decision? Another wedding this past weekend.
    Now, I don’t mean to sound so negative about it all; it really was a gorgeous, inspired event. One of the best I’ve been to in a while. The trouble is, I’ve been to A LOT of weddings in the past year, with many more still to come in the next. As the single-girl guest, I’ve learned quite a few things about entertaining myself when all my dating/engaged/married friends are dancing up a storm, reminiscing about their own weddings, or speaking sweet nothings to each other about that day still to come in their relationship when they, too, will get to wear those beautiful clothes, plan an entire day of celebration in which they will be the center of attention, take a fabulous trip where there are no expectations of visiting family, buy all sorts of awesome new flatware and draperies… you get the idea. For those of us left in the crowd, there is hopefully a buffet meal and several other singles with which to stare wistfully at all the happiness surrounding while we secretly wish that someone would go ahead and trip over the bride’s excessively long train straight into the table holding the cake that is adding pounds to your hips by mere proximity.

    Come on – you know you’d laugh.

    Reading this you probably think I am an angry, bitter single woman. Far from the truth, my friends. I’m having a great time…that is, when I’m not shopping for shower gifts, wedding gifts, gift wrap, and congratulatory cards… But, please, don’t read this as a deterrent to inviting me to your own nuptials. I will gladly celebrate with joy the days when my friends declare their commitments and love for one another. Just don’t be shocked when I’m sitting there taking notes – I have a book to write, after all.

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