My blog, specifically my post on the “Monique and the Mango Rains Opportunity,” was mentioned yesterday in the publishing industry newsletter, Shelf Awareness.

You can read yesterday’s issue here.

This is super cool!

As long as you’re reading this, go and vote for your favorite entry in the Far World writing contest.

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  • I was so excited when I opened my email from ShelfAwareness yesterday morning and saw your blog mentioned! I ran downstairs and very excitedly told my daughter all about it. She responded, “and you know this person?” “Oh Yes!” I exclaimed. She asked,”from where?” And I spent a few bumbling minutes explaining that even though I haven’t met you, I read your blog, and we’re both readers, and this is a really big huge cool thing. She just didn’t get it…oh well…I’m so psyched for you!!! Congratulations!! I never got the chance to add mine to the ARC Junkies board, but I was basking in your glow all day!!

  • Kelly,

    I was telling my husband about it last night and telling him that ‘even lots of people I don’t know commented!’ He sort of looked at me funny when I said that and I had to explain, “you know, not people who I interact with on LibraryThing, not people whose blogs I read.”

    It didn’t really help, he still looked at me funny.

  • That’s just awesome!

  • That’s really exciting news!! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations!!! Isn’t that so exciting? I floated on air for almost a week after my blog was quoted in PublishingTrends.com. You really and truly deserve this honor, Jen! Now I think your husband should buy you a jeweled bookmark. :)

  • Very cool, Jen. I get Shelf Awareness email every day but totally missed that. Congrats! Very good thing you’re doing too. Thanks for your generosity.

  • Good things come to those who have big hearts and do good things. As noted in Shelf Awareness, the Monique and the Mango Rains is a Literary Ventures Fund-sponsored book. Our publicist took note of the wonderful blog philanthropy (bloganthropy) going on and thought it deserved to be recognized. So many thanks and cheers to you for getting the ball rolling with your initial review of Monique!