Creepers – Book Review

Creepers by Joanne Dahme

Release date: Monday, August 25th, 2008

Courtney O’Brien has just moved with her parents to Murmer, Massachusetts. She is fairly creeped out when she realizes that her new house is right next to an old graveyard. And what is with the ivy around her house? It clings on as if it were a living thing. Things don’t get any less strange when Courtney meets Margaret Geyer and her father Christian – especially when they tell her that they are searching for the body of one of their ancestors, a girl her age named Prudence, which was misplaced a century ago when the graveyard was moved.

When I originally heard about this young adult fiction book, some comparisons were made with R.L. Stein, so I was expecting pre-teen or teen horror.  What I found instead was a very sweet ghost story about familial love and sense of home.  My experience with the book was marred a bit at the beginning, because I kept expecting the ivy vines to reach out and attempt to strangle Courtney, but eventually I relaxed and really enjoyed this book.  The main character’s age was never mentioned as far as I can remember, letting this book span a greater range of ages as, in my experience, kids don’t generally like to read about characters younger than they are (some exceptions, of course).

This was a very tame ghost story, but a very sweet read.  It isn’t too dark and there is no sex, violence, or foul language.  This book would be completely appropriate for all ages (after perhaps 3rd grade, there is some past death and much of it does take place in a graveyard).  Creepers may not blow you away, but it is a good read and would be great for upper elementary school and middle school kids who like a good ghost story once in awhile.

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