Tuesday Thinger – Recommendations

Today’s topic: Recommendations. Do you use LT’s recommendations feature? Have you found any good books by using it? Do you use the anti-recommendations, or the “special sauce” recommendations? How do you find out about books you want to read?

I DO use LibraryThing to get most of my suggestions, but I don’t really use the formal recommendation tools.  Yes, I looked at and played with the recommendation features when Tim updated them recently, but I didn’t actually use them to add any books to my wishlist.

The main way I find out about books I want to read?  LibraryThing’s ‘Talk’.  I like hearing what other people are reading, what they have enjoyed, what they just can’t stop talking about.  Other than that, most of what I read comes from the ARCs I receive, followed by book club selections, Dear Reader emails, and the odd books I hear about here and there in my non-virtual life.
How do you find books you want to read?

6 comments to Tuesday Thinger – Recommendations

  • I also mainly find book recommendations through “Talk”. The people on LT are its greatest resource really.

    I’ve also nominated you for a blog award, here! I guess your blog is awesome enough for two of us to do it. 😉

  • Rebecca @ Readerville

    I’ve nominated you for a blog award! Details are in Readerville

  • I think that word of mouth will always trump what a computer can churn up and spit out. I’m going to check into the Dear Reader emails. I’ve never heard of that before.

    BTW, I just signed up on blogher.com. Have you done that yet? It has the potential of being a great networking tool. I need to research the site a little more, but on the face there isn’t a books or literature specific section.

  • Congrats on the nuptials and hope you had a grand time!

    I, like you, find out about books more by word of mouth (or fwap of the keys) than anything else. I’d rather pick up a book that I know people like it than some random bot’s say so. 😀

  • I like the LT features but I do prefer getting recommendations from actual people – it makes the reco that much more interesting to hear another persons opinions!

  • Psst! I nominated you for a blog award, but I can see I wasn’t the first one. :)