Sunday Salon: Reading and a Wedding Countdown

Well, this time next week I’ll be sitting at the airport, books in hand, waiting to leave for my honeymoon.  I had a pretty good reading week last week, considering it was less than 2 weeks until the wedding.  I actually finished two books for review that had a more urgent review schedule, one for ReaderViews and the other for HarperCollins First Look.  I also finally finished listening to my version of “The Three Musketeers”.  It only took 2-3 months, but I made it. 

I’m not anticipating much time for reading today, or really the rest of the week (other than while I’m on lunch at work tomorrow).  It is mostly last minute things going on here now, plus my parents are staying with us and it is difficult to get much reading done when one has houseguests.  That’s okay, though, because I got sooooo much reading done last month that I have lots of reviews lined up for you all to read for the next two weeks.  Now I just need to go off and finish a few of them!  Have a great Sunday, Saloners. 

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