Are Women Human? – Book Review

Are Women Human? by Dorothy L. Sayers

I borrowed “Are Women Human?” from a friend and read it during the read-athon, so we shall see how well I remember it…

“Are Women Human” is a very short collection of Dorothy L. Sayers’ essays of women’s place in society. Perhaps it was the read-athon, or the fact I’d just spent 8 days doing childcare at a camp in Wisconsin, but I don’t remember noticing particularly where one essay started and the other stopped. They actually seemed to both have essentially the same sentiments.

I found these sentiments, however, to be fairly refreshing. Sayers does not seem to be a militant feminist, but rather a humanist (please ignore the normal connotations of the word). To the question many men post of “what do women want?” Sayers would answer, “Are women not human, that they may all want the same thing?” Take women out of her response and replace it with men, African Americans, homosexuals, Jews, Christians, Asians, Latinos, straight people, children, the elderly, etc. and I think you will find a very workable rule for life. No two humans are exactly alike, so why would anyone assume that two women will be?

Perhaps sadly, Sayers’ remarks seem as applicable now as when she wrote the essays closer to the middle of the 20th century. I think that “Are Women Human?” is definitely something worth reading.

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  • I LOVE these two essays…they are completely logical. After having read them, I often bring them to mind when faced with sexist or racist issues. Sayers is refreshing and very funny at times.