A Very Important Contest

Natasha over at Maw Books just posted what is probably the only actually important contest I’ve ever seen in the book blogging world.  Four winners will win two books each, but it isn’t the prize that is important, but the process.

Recently Natasha has become very passionate about getting the word out about genocide in general, and the genocide in Darfur in particular.  In order to MAKE people read the often difficult (uncomfortable) posts about some very important books, she has resulted to bribery.  You can win some nice, non-genocide books (although, personally, I wish she was giving away “Not On Our Watch,” or one of the other books she has read about genocide).  To enter, you go to her giveaway post to find her list of questions, then read her review of “Not On Our Watch” to find the answers.  You get one entry for every correct question, and double your number of entries by spreading the word.

Go check this out right now!

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