Tuesday Thingers – Popularity Contest

What’s the most popular book in your library? Have you read it? What did you think? How many users have it? What’s the most popular book you don’t have? How does a book’s popularity figure into your decisions about what to read?

I’m actually going to list my top 6 books (mostly because that is how long I think it takes before they become interesting:

  • Three Harry Potters
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • The Hobbit
  • Another Harry Potter
  • 1984
  • Pride and Prejudice

The Harry Potters and The Da Vinci Code are both fairly obvious as to why they the most popular.  All of those are compelling reads.  Sure, Harry Potter is much better than The Da Vinci code, but they can all be fairly fun.  I wouldn’t actually still own The Da Vinci Code if I thought anyone would want to take it off of my hands, but I need to acquire the other 3 Harry Potters.

The Hobbit is also not surprising.  Based on my purely informal polling, Tolkein is the most popular author among guys in the United States.  The Hobbit is a more accessible (read: not so boring) read than Lord of the Rings, so it is reasonable that it is a more popular book.

1984.  Now there’s a great book.  Interesting that one of the most popular books in my library is a dystopian novel.  I wouldn’t have thought that dystopia would be one of the most popular.  However, 1984 is one of those ‘classics’ that everyone has to read in high school.  It is also a good enough read that people would want to own it after reading it in high school.  Or, at least, there is enough sex in it that high schoolers would want to keep it.

Pride and Prejudice just shows the strength of the Jane Austen contingent on LibraryThing.  I’m so glad that I read this book recently, because I never knew how fantastic and funny Austen is.

6 comments to Tuesday Thingers – Popularity Contest

  • Interesting approach to the question. I agree with you that the top five books are boring (as a list) and don’t say much about us as LTers. Everyone has them, it’s like white walls in a new apartment.

    I don’t remember the sex in 1984… It goes straight to the top of the ToBeReRead pile! 😀 I just remember the mortifying thought someone could be watching me in the bathroom stall.

    I’m with you on P&P… I’d love to have my Jane-a-thon, but Gargoyles, cymbal-clapping monkeys, and a Plum stand in the way (not to mention all the ARCs… you know…)

  • Well, I had the LOTR books on my TBR list (I’m honestly not sure why), but after reading your post, they may just get bumped. I read The Hobbit a few years ago, and it was really all I could do to finally finish the excruitiatingly boring and confusing (My God, could he have added more characters?!?) thing. I don’t give up on books as a rule, but I was awfully close on that one. So, hearing that it’s the ‘more accessible’ of the bunch doesn’t leave me wanting to read the others.

  • I’m back – finally!!!

    I think that the LOTR series is going to make my Never TBR pile. I tried reading The Hobbit about 10 years ago and just couldn’t. I love the movies, though. :)

    Austen is just wonderful. I love all of her books.

  • You just picked up Austen? I don’t know why it always seems so odd to me when I stumble across those who haven’t read her before…. P&P is one of my all time favorite books!

  • I really enjoy Austen, but I must admit, that I love listening to P&P on audiobooks more than I like to sit and read the words on the page… SHOCKING I know… I think it’s because I have watched the BBC and new release versions of the movie so many times, that I like the auditory stimulus it provides (hows that for some big words, LOL)