This Blog Goes to 11(th grade)

Excuse the terrible, terrible, headline, but I’m tired and punchy while writing this post. This is something I found while checking out Heather’s blog: Age 30 – A Year of Books. Basically the site calculates the readability of your blog, determining the requisite level of education for comprehension. I had a great deal of fun sticking everyone’s urls in to see what everyone else’s readability level is. Unfortunately the site doesn’t give any information on how they calculate, average readabilities, or anything else that is fun. Based on the fact that many of the blogs I checked were listed as being ‘Elementary School’ or ‘Junior High’ I’ve come to two conclusions:

  1. There are some stinkin’ smart grade school kids out there!
  2. I’m probably a bit pretentious in my writing, as I certainly wouldn’t label as ‘juvenile’ the blogs that came up “Elementary’ or ‘Junior High.’ In fact, those are some of my favorite blogs!

What is YOUR blog’s readability, and what conclusions did you draw from that?

14 comments to This Blog Goes to 11(th grade)

  • Eva

    I’m in junior high! hehehe My conclusions: I use a bunch of exclamation points. And I write such long posts, I must counterbalance them by using short words. Mainly, I’m just amused. 😀

  • Heh, my blog goes to high school, too! How funny, thanks for the link. I guess my writing must be somewhat pretentious, but I certainly don’t do it on purpose!

    And you’re right, I know some really smart elementary school bloggers, including some of my favorite authors.

  • A few months ago I was junior high level but now I’m elementary. Oh well, I guess I don’t use very many fancy words!

  • Melody

    ha ha, turn it up to 11! punchy, yes, but also funny :)

  • Weird, I ran that a few months ago, and I was college-level, but now I’m high school… I guess my vocab is slipping? Either that, or it picked up on all of the trashy teen novels that I read.

  • The first time I tried, it was genius. I checked again and it said post grad college. That alone should tell you the site isn’t credible…lol!

  • I thought I only worked in junior high… Apparently I blog there, too! :) What a fun thing!

  • Thanks for the laugh! Great post.

  • Melody

    p.s. i hit a “friend of the library” book sale at sac state library today (i was there checking out theses, turns out they keep the book sale books in the basement, too), and added 7 more books to my TBR shelf….also finally made it B&N and picked up another thanks to the gift card (i went with Kitchen Confidential cause I admit it, I have a crush on Tony Bourdain)…it keeps growing…i blame this all on you, by the way. thanks for rekindling my desire for WORDS (of the not necessarily academic kind)!

  • Mel – So I’ve got you at “Friends of the Library” sales now, eh?

    (mutters) All is going according to plan…eeeexcellent (drums fingertips together)

  • Genius! Both times! :)

  • Yep, I’m still in Junior High. Maybe I say ‘yep” too much, and that’s why I’m in perpetual puberty. I just got rid of this humongous zit on my forehead, though, so maybe everything I am associated with really does belong in middle school!

  • I’m in junior high. It’s a step up from a few months ago when my readability level was elementary school!

  • kegsoccer

    Lol I’m elementary school… but I wonder if that’s because half my books and reviews are children/teen books? Lol doesn’t really bother me at all :)