The Truth of the Matter – Guest Post

Guest Post by Mary Lewis of Blog Stop Blog Tours

When I was a kid, my favorite place in the world was the library. I loved how it looked – a big brick building, with an open porch and tall columns. I loved how it smelled – old paper and leather. I loved how it felt – peaceful and safe. The moment I walked in the door, my heart rate slowed, my shoulders dropped and my breathing became deep and regular.

I grew up being called names like bookworm, four-eyes and geek. I was a tall, skinny, uncoordinated, glasses wearing girl. I was also painfully shy. The kids at school thought I was a snob, because I was so quiet. I wanted to be social. I wanted to be one of the cool kids, but I didn’t know how.

It wasn’t cool to walk around with a book in my hand, but books were my escape. They were also my defense. I figured out fairly early that people would leave me alone if I was reading. I hated the names I was called. I hated being different.

Isn’t it funny how the truth can set you free? The truth of the matter is I was (and continue to be) a geek, a bookworm and I need corrective lenses. I have gotten over my shyness and been embraced by other geeks and avid readers. As a freelance writer and virtual book tour coordinator, my career allows me to promote and advocate for reading. And it’s no longer un-cool to carry a book everywhere I go. Other people all over the world do the same thing!

As an adult I still love libraries and book stores. They are like churches to me. Books feed my soul and words fill my mind.

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  • I just found your blog, and those words are so familiar to me. I too, was a shy bookworm in school and the kids through I was stuck-up because I never talked! It’s nice to find someone who felt the same. Libraries are still dear places to me.