Sunday Salon – Printer’s Row, Part 2

Well, my day at the Printer’s Row Book Fair got cancelled due to weather.  I left church and it was pouring, but the wind was too strong to use an umbrella.  It was like jumping into the shower with all of my clothes on.  We have strong thunderstorm warnings for the rest of the day.

I do have a fair amount of work to get done today, but I think I’ll spend at least some of the time that I would have been down there reading.  I’m working on “Dolphins Under My Bed” by Sandra Clayton.  It is interesting, but I don’t think it is something I can spend hours at a time reading.  It seems to work best reading just 2-3 chapters at a time.  I just can’t figure out what I want to read with it…

Oh, and by the way, here’s a copy of the business cards we made up.  Too bad I can’t use them today.

5 comments to Sunday Salon – Printer’s Row, Part 2

  • rantsandreads

    Oh, bummer you couldn’t make it, but I really like your business card. I like how you incorporated your blog header image onto the card.

  • What a great business card. Very smart to include all those books, if only to show the diversity of things you read. Hope you get to use it soon!

  • kegsoccer

    Lol those are so cool. I am super jealous… not that I really have any need for a business card. But they sound like a great idea for fairs like the one you’re at.

  • Cool idea for the business card. Very eye attractive. I hope they get you some business.

  • Hmm…. maybe we make a team? I make business cards and you get people to want them? Hehe. But, I can’t take all the credit – it was a great idea! I spent a good portion of the day reading “X Saves the World” – I was hoping that it would clear up with enough time in the afternoon that my friend Lisa and I would be inspired to head downtown, anyway. Alas – it was not to be. Maybe next year…