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The Sunday Salon.comBefore I get to my reading this week, I wanted to point out the new format on my blog.  This week we transferred my blog from wordpress to hosting it ourself (with wordpress still providing the themes).  It was occasionally a frustrating week with the new domain.  We paid to have wordpress forward my traffic to the new domain, but as far as I can tell, there were some definite problems with the forwarding.  Sometimes if you typed in “” it would forward you to the new site, but occasionally if you typed in “” it would redirect you back to the old one.  I was also having problems getting google reader to upload my posts, even if I updated my subscription to the “.com”.  I think that everything is (more or less) worked out now, but we’re still playing with plug-ins, etc to get the new site to work like I want it.  It doesn’t help that this morning I’m having real issues with internet (at least I’m able to post to the Salon!), probably due to weather.  By the way, we wanted to move to .com so I provide more information about the books I read (although I haven’t updated anything yet).  The ads are simply to offset the cost of the domain but I’ve only got enough traffic for pay-per-click, so if you see something interesting…

Even though (or perhaps because) I didn’t spend a lot of time on the internet this week, I had a fantastic reading week.  First of all, I got 10 or 11 books in the mail during the week and bought two more yesterday.  I finished all of the following books: “Dolphins Under My Bed,” “When the Emperor Was Divine,” Victor Kugler: The Man Who Hid Anne Frank,” “My Father’s Paradise,” and, this morning, “Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader.”  Thank goodness!  Next Friday I’ll be leaving for a work event and I will be gone for 8 days.  I need to get a little backlog of reviews to post while I’m gone (I will also be having some very interesting guest posts, so you may want to check back).  After the work event I’ve got only 2 weeks left until my wedding and honeymoon, so I’ll need some reviews to post then as well, since I’ll likely be a bit short on reading time and won’t be writing posts on the honeymoon.

Because of my need for reviews, I’m doing short books this week, hoping I finish almost one per day.  I’m working right now on “Admit One: A Journey Into Film.”  I’ve also got the following lined up: “The Fires” by Alan Cheuse, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” by John Boyne, and probably “The House on Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros. 

Check in on Saturday June 28th to see how I’m doing with the 24-hour Read-athon!

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  • Well you certainly are a dedicated reader, getting all your reviews ready to post before your wedding. And what’s up with not posting on your honeymoon??? ;o)

    I’ll be curious to read what you though of Ex Libris since I almost guaranteed you’d love it!

    btw, I didn’t have any trouble this week getting redirected to your new domain.

  • Terri – Short answer (so I don’t ruin my review), I really liked it, although she sort of intimidated me because she has really thought through her book obsession. I hadn’t really even started thinking it through until getting on LT Talk.
    Thanks for letting me know you weren’t having problems. I should have messaged some LTers and asked, as I did suspect it might be a problem with signing in and out of the two all the time.

  • You have all got it planned! I am impressed. This month, until now I have received 7 books and bought 5. I look forward to more. You can’t have enough books, now can you?!


    SS 1: Books read/received
    SS 2: Book Shopping

  • Wow you read fast. I guess that’s why you call yourself Devourer of Books! Now I feel like a slowpoke! :-)

  • I was going through some similar problems when I changed my blog to a .com. Luckily I hadn’t registered my blog in too many places, so I didn’t have to scramble around trying to figure out where to change the web address. I’m glad you got all the kinks figured out though. =)

  • Amy

    It’s amazing how good a week without internet is for getting other stuff done isn’t it?

    Enjoy your new wordpress freedom!

  • Lord have mercy you have a lot of ARCs heading your way! You won’t be lacking for material during your read-a-thon. I need to make a pledge. When’s the cut-off for making one?

  • There isn’t really any cut off. You can either send a check to me and I’ll send it to Reading is Fundamental, or (probably better) you can just donate straight to R.I.F., so even if you decided after I’m done how much you want to donate per hour/book/whatever that would work.