SMILE! You’re on Bibliophile Camera!

I just had an experience that made me smile.

I was just sitting here at my desk when a high school kid walked by.  I’m guessing he had just been to the library about a block away because he had a book in his hand.  He wasn’t just carrying it, though, he had his nose pressed into it like there was nothing in the world but him and the book.

This is the first time I’ve seen any evidence of the kids from this high school reading, they’re usually much more interesting in SCREAMING! cuss words at each other or throwing a hackey sack back and forth across a crowded street.  Seeing this kid reading as if his life depended on it made me happy.
It must be an epidemic!  Another group of kids just walked past me that included two girls huddled together pointing things out to each other in a book.  I may have to see if this library is brainwashing kids or something, and then volunteer to help.

7 comments to SMILE! You’re on Bibliophile Camera!

  • Megan

    Are you sure they were from Von and not Northside Prep?
    And are you sure they weren’t really reading dirty magazines?

  • (not to ruin your happiness or anything… kids who can read are hard to come by somedays!)

  • I was sitting outside at Starbucks the other day reading and there were like 10 kids SCREAMING cuss words there too, and they were super rude to anyone who would walk by on the sidewalk. It was really pathetic. Thanks for letting us know about some of the good ones that inhabit Foster Ave. I know they are out there…they just seem so hard to come by and it’s hard to get past their blatant obnoxiousness!

  • Megan – They had on their ‘gangsta’ wannabe clothes. They definitely looked like kids from Von. The girls were walking with other obnoxious kids and the boy walked back the other way with more obnoxious kids since then. As to dirty magazines, it didn’t LOOK like it, but who knows.

  • rantsandreads

    Hah, that’s awesome! I really wonder what book they are reading?

  • kegsoccer

    Lol that makes me think of the scene in “Dangerous Minds” where the students all go to the library and start reading poetry, as they librarians watch in wonder…. Glad to see young people reading!

  • I recently found out that my neighbor’s son who is 19 is a reader. I thought he was just into video games so I was thrilled when I found out that he reads 2 -3 books a week. It’s a great feeling seeing teenagers read!