Read-athon: Today’s The Day!!!

The 24-hour Readathon starts in about 70 minutes.  I’m going to introduce myself, and then run quickly to the store before it starts.  Although, I will sort of be starting early, because I’ll probably have the audio books going on my Ipod while I’m shopping.

I’m Jen, and I’m reading and blogging in Palatine, IL.  If you want to know what books I’ve got in my book pile, you can see a previous post here.  The pile is staying the same, other than the fact I am adding a couple of books.  The first is a book in from BookMooch, “The Phantom Tollbooth,” which is a favorite young adult read.  The second is called “Washington’s Lady” and I just got it to review for Readerviews.  I’m also tempted to throw “The Book Thief” on the pile, but we’ll see.


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