Drum Roll Please…

Here it is, the long-awaited 100th post!  I wasn’t planning on posting until tomorrow, but I have three posts (including two reviews) just dying to be published, so we’re going to go ahead and do it now. 

But first, some stats:

– 52 people entered this contest.  Basically everyone left multiple comments, blogged about the contest, or both, for a total of 229 entries

– The person with the most entries was Kegsoccer, with a total of 30 (15 comments doubled for blogging). 

– 22 different books were requested.  The most requested book was “The Historian,” followed closely by “Year of Wonders” and then “The Zookeeper’s Wife.” 

And the winners are…..

TheLiterateHousewife requesting “The Historian

Kegsoccer requesting “The Queen of Shadows

Popin requesting “A Year Without ‘Made in China’

Contact me with your mailing info and I’ll be getting your books out!

Thank you to everyone who participated!  This has been a great time, and I’m excited to spend more time checking out some of your blogs. 

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