Tuesday Thingers – My Library

“How many books do you have cataloged in your LibraryThing account? How do you decide what to include- everything you have, everything you’ve read- and are there things you leave off?”

After going through all of my books with a printed list of my library, I was finally able to eliminate the books I sold back to Half Price Books and have come up with 679 books in my LibraryThing Library.  This includes books I own, books I want, a small number of books I have borrowed, and books I have gotten rid of on BookMooch.

In the beginning I used LibraryThing solely to catalog my books.  Not so much because I was a catalog purist, but primarily because that is what I thought it was for, nothing else.  Then I discovered ‘talk.’  With talk came endless recommendations, so I had to start putting wishlisted books in there, because I would never remember them all (134 right now).  Yes, it bothers me a little that it screws up my connections, etc., but I am far too lazy to switch back and forth between accounts to make a separate wishlist account. 

Then I got my first Early Reviewer book.  It was TERRIBLE.  Terrible.  I got rid of it as soon as someone agreed to take it off of my hands.  However, I couldn’t remove it from my library, otherwise my review would disappear, thus harming my chances for future ER books. Thus I started leaving some books in my library that I did not plan on keeping, in order to leave reviews and ratings on LibraryThing.  I’ve also been leaving in my library books placed on BookMooch, so that I can keep track there as well of what I am having mooched.

Someday, maybe, we will get collections, and then I can keep all of these things separated out. 

Whether or not you use LibraryThing, how do you organize YOUR books?


4 comments to Tuesday Thingers – My Library

  • bunny

    Sadly, I don’t organize my books – just on my bookshelves.

  • I’m pretty new to LT and don’t have that many on there. I’m just not a big organizer- but I do like LT. My books are on shelves and in stacks on tables all over the house.

  • kegsoccer

    For my TBR I just use a list on Amazon. Can’t organize it as well as I’d like, but I think I’m a “LT purist” so I can’t imagine adding them to my library :) (Well not till I get them all!)

  • I’m new to LT as well so I only have like 20 books on it right now. I need to add books that I want on there as well. My books aren’t too organized at the moment.