U.S. History Early Reviewer Morning: The Civil War, FDR

My April ER book arrived this morning (actually, our wonderful mailman Irving left it in our mail slot on Saturday, but I got it today).  The book is called “Two Brothers: One North, One South” and is historical fiction about the Civil War, the story is narrated by Walt Whitman by David H. Jones.  It is not actually an ARC, but is a very pretty hardback book that arrived in wonderful condition, personally autographed by the author, with two lovely book marks inside (both with information about the book).  I will have to decide what sort of historical fiction I’m in the mood for next: this, or a story of Juana la Loca.

Funnily enough, this same morning that I received my April U.S. historical fiction ER book, I saw a story in the New York Times about my March bonus batch U.S. history ER book.  This article discusses Joseph Persico’s new book Franklin and Lucy, the research therein, and the Roosevelt’s parallels to the Clintons.  Read my review of the book here.

4 comments to U.S. History Early Reviewer Morning: The Civil War, FDR

  • Melody

    well I vote for Juana la Loca, that sounds WAY more exciting than the other one, although I DO love Walt Whitman, but c’mon, a story about a chick they tell you in the title is nuts? that sounds good to me. but, i suppose i do not get a vote, so, your call.

  • Well, they called her Juana la Loca back in her day in like the 16th century, but I’ve read some historians that don’t think she was ACTUALLY crazy, but just acting as she had to in order to consolidate power for her son after her husband’s death, plus there were rumors campaign by her father against her in order to rule Castile. I’m not sure what position this book takes. It DOES look good, though…

  • My husband tried to read the Two Brothers book and couldn’t get into it. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it.

    Which book on Juana are you thinking about reading??

  • I got “The Last Queen” by C.W. Gortner from ReaderViews and I have to get my review in within the next 3-4 weeks. It is an ARC, I don’t think the release date is until June or July (so check back here to see how it was!) Do you have other recommendations for Juana?