Reading Graph

In addition to my book blog, since the beginning of March I have also been tracking my reading on a reading graph I got from a fellow LibraryThing user (who also has a book blog). I put in my goal of books for the year and the spreadsheet calculates when I need to finish my books in order to meet my goal and how many books I am estimated to read for the year if I continue at my current pace. Because I started a bit late this year, my goal is 100 books. Two other sheets show how you’re doing on your goal with number of books and how many pages you have read.  Since wordpress doesn’t allow me to upload the files, you can download the blank reading graph here, and see my progress so far here.

4 comments to Reading Graph

  • fyreflybooks

    Glad you like it! One thing – check your link to your reading graph; I’m getting a page-not-found error.

  • I do love it. I update it the SECOND I finish a book. My fiance asks me at least once or twice a week “how’re your statistics?” and has had fun playing with it to make it start at February 27th for me.

    Thanks for pointing out that broken link. I had actually meant to take that sentence out completely, but then got distracted at work and forgot. That was when I was attempting to save the file as a webpage and link it like that, which didn’t work.

  • Sister

    What were you doing for the entire month of January?

  • Reading, but I don’t know what, because I hadn’t started this blog or found that graph.