Fact, Fiction, and Phillipa Gregory

I just found a very interesting essay/statement on Phillipa Gregory’s website about the fact and fiction in her novels about the Boleyns, the Howards, and the Tudors. She includes some of her research as well as her process. It is quite an interesting perusal for anyone who has read her books.

2 comments to Fact, Fiction, and Phillipa Gregory

  • woldinghamuk

    Thank you for the note.. I love reading and recently have bought an e-reader so now I am totally hooked and read everywhere…simply drag the thing with me.. have tons of e-books :-) of all types. It is always √≠nteresting to find out about the authors..

  • Shannon

    I have a new book about Anne Boleyn. Would you like a free copy to review on your blog? Email me at shannon@glassroadpr.com.