330 pages in 20 hours

Well, rantsandreads wasn’t kidding when she told me that Water for Elephants was a fast read. I started it around 9ish last night and finished it this afternoon. I am going to write a review tonight or, more likely, tomorrow, but I am going to refrain from publishing it for about a week. I want to wait until I discuss the book at book club and add whatever thoughts and discussion points come from that. You can expect the review March 29th, sometime.

Now there is no book that I am reading, and won’t be until sometime after I make dinner tonight, maybe 7:30 or even 8 by the time I get a chance to grab one.  I don’t even know what I’m reading next!  This is a slightly nerve-wracking thing for me.  I nearly grabbed another book to bring to work with me today, but who knew I’d get through 230 pages of Water for Elephants while here?

3 comments to 330 pages in 20 hours

  • rantsandreads

    I hope you liked the book!

    I once told a friend that I carry two books around with me as a precaution. You never know when you’ll need that second book. =)

  • Literate Housewife

    WOW! The only book I can remember reading in such a short period of time was Misery by Stephen King. You need a Kindle for your back up. :)

  • Water for Elephants is loaded on my iPod right now. I think I will get to it next. I’m looking forward to it.