The Children of Mary Boleyn

I just found this on Philippa Gregory’s website, research done by a descendant of Mary Boleyn, through her daughter Catherine Knollys (née Carey), as to whether or not Catherine and Henry Carey were in fact the illegitimate children of Henry VIII, resulting from his affair with Mary.

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  • Laurie Scott

    I was extremely upset by the “Other Boylyn Girl” film. The inaccuricies in the film were blatent to one who has studied this period exstensively. It upset me to see people watching this film that knew nothing of this time take it in as factual. I am even more upset by the television series on showtime called”The Tudors” It is a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

  • The inaccuracies aren’t so bad in fictionalized history books, because you can have a little disclaimer in the back, or what have you. I knew her book to have many inconsistencies, and it distressed me that they only seemed to stick to the book in those places and not in her more historically factual places. Seriously, does this story not have enough drama already? In any event, you might care to read my “The Other Boleyn Girl” movie review as well.